Agile Game Development with Scrum

Clinton keith hs1 240 x 360 pp large
Clinton Keith

Clinton Keith is an independent Scrum trainer and agile coach. Previously he worked for 15 years in the video game industry.
Agile game dev

Publication date: June 2, 2010


This book is for anyone who is interested in agile development, video game development and especially both! It explores the history of game development and what has led us to embracing agile practices from Scrum, XP and Lean to make better games.

Table of Contents

The Problem and the Solution
Chapter 1 The Crisis  
Chapter 2 Agile Development  
Scrum and Agile Planning
Chapter 3 Scrum  
Chapter 4 Sprints  
Chapter 5 User Stories  
Chapter 6 Agile planning  
Agile Game Development
Chapter 7 Video game project planning  
Chapter 8 Teams  
Chapter 9 Faster Iterations  
Agile Disciplines
Chapter 10 Agile technology  
Chapter 11 Agile art  
Chapter 12 Agile design  
Chapter 13 Agile QA & production  
Getting started
Chapter 14 The Myths and Challenges of Scrum  
Chapter 15 Launching Scrum  
Chapter 16 Working with a Publisher